A brief intro …..

Well… Hi!

It’s about time that I started to write a blog, after all I co-own a social media company and we like to practice what we preach! I don’t want to make this too much about the technical side of social media, bit more as an insight into what we do and why we do it. There will be guides for you to use, and tips and advice of course, but one thing I hate is a boring blog.. You want to read into someone’s life a bit before you can decide if you trust them or even like them!

So… A bit about me…. I’m a single parent of 2 children, I have a background in photography, retail and latterly finance leasing. Essentially though all of these are service based industries.. I have a massive amount of experience in dealing with Joe Public, and it’s why I think I’m so involved in social media. Talking and finding out information in order to make a decision comes naturally to me now after years and years of practice. Words trip off my tongue and I find that this has transferred incredibly well into my social media profiles. I find it easy to engage with people on all levels. and i want to show how you can do it with just some basic knowledge and a bit of gumption. That’s all it is really … The analytics that go on behind the scenes are what make a good social media manager a vital asset to your business. Incidentally, the links to my profiles are at the end of this post.

I have to work around school holidays and school hours, and luckily I can make my job very mobile. I would be lost without my 2 Blackberry’s and my trusty iPad. Scheduling posts has never been easier as I sit and help my year 6 son with his horrifically challenging maths homework, or assist my year 2 daughter with creative writing! It’s tough to fit everything in, but careful planning, not sweating the small stuff like housework, and determination, are what get me through each day. Sometimes a little caffeine helps, I must admit!

I think it’s essential to set a good example to my children, and in order to succeed in life or gain respect you have to work your backside off. No ifs or buts, work hard and you’ll do well. There will always be obstacles, pitfalls and people willing to see you fail, it’s just how it is in business.

I hope that you find this an enjoyable read as it progresses and please do feel free to tweet me your opinions, questions and topic headers if you like. I’m open to discussion on most points but i don’t do religion or politics, I save that for family only!!!

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