Google+ and moving house!!


Today I have neglected my work somewhat and dedicated my time to clearing out the kitchen in preparation to sell my house. I thought it would be a quick job taking an hour max… NOOOOOO…. I’ve just finished it 4 hours and half a skip full of rubbish later. Who knew I could hoard so much utter toot in such a small space. On the upside though I am now about £30 better off with all the loose change I have found.

However, tomorrow it is back to the day job. I will be getting to grips with all things Google+ over the next few days. I have had a profile for a while but never really known what to do with it! Anyway, with the new layout and the mass amount of changes they have made to the platform lately, we thought it best to check it out. So, once we have had a scoot round the insides and backsides of it all ( ooo-er!) I will come back with some key information for you. It is going to be a huge threat to Facebook I reckon, so hang onto your hats, set yourself up a profile and learn with us!




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