About Me…..

This is where you will find all the content that I can’t fit into 140 characters, or is too lengthy for a Facebook update. All things social media, insights into my life as a working mum and free tips and advice thrown in for good measure. My goal is to help people realise the potential for Social Media within their business or brand. As a Director of Social Circle Media it’s my job to teach, mentor and manage people and their social media presence. It’s not hard to ‘do’social media, but to understand it and to make it work for a business is not so easy. I love what I do and to me, that’s half the battle. If you treat your work as a chore, it will look like one to an outsider .. Why should they invest in someone who clearly has no passion? So…I will give you some useful tips and advice, but also let you into my world so you can see how the methods are sometimes put into practice. I will make mistakes, some things won’t work but that’s how we all learn right??



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